Text Ting
Make your texts stand out
Text Ting Phone App
Text Ting Phone App

Text Ting is THE app for making your text messages stand out from the 10 trillion other text messages received in 2012.



ext Ting scans the content of received and sent text messages for symbols that have been mapped to sounds within the Text Ting App and plays the sound associated with that symbol or set of symbols.

For Example:






In the Free version of Text Ting the £ symbol has been assigned to a cash Register sound and the X symbol has been assigned to a kiss sound. 





When you receive a text containing one of the mapped symbols Text Ting will override your phones default text notification sound and play the sound associated to the symbol(s) of the text!

Great fun with Friends and Unique for Business!


Text Ting is free to download here:


Upgrading to Text Ting Pro enables you to change and create your own Text Tings. 

Social Networks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Digitaltimelinesltd
Twitter: @texttingapp
Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102781461809685225390/ 

Text Ting Free to download Trial Version

Easy to use and so much fun, here's what you do.

Download the Text Ting App from the marketplace. Install the application on your device. Send a text making sure it ends with one of the pre-mapped sounds shown in the Text Ting Page.

Text Ting Paid Up Pro Version 

The Pro version of Text Ting unlocks other really cool features.

Control what sound plays with which symbols. Create multiple maps
, modify, delete and preview sounds you've created yourself in the Manage Page. Record your own sounds and map them against specific symbols - great fun between friends.

Sound Sets

Pre-Mapped themed sound sets can be downloaded from the Digital Timelines Android Store. Sets included Halloween, Christmas, Fathers Day and more.. 



Easy to use
Configurable (Incomming and/or Outgoing Texts)
Create your own content
Great fun between friends
Regular releases of new sound packs and themes



New Skin
Downloads as a "Started App"
Automatically assigns downloaded Soundpacks
Additional in App sound managment functionality added
Social Media Integration (Stage one)
Selectable/switchable sound packs (on/off)